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Rebuilt Rockwell Differentials.

We offer a complete line of heavy-duty, rebuilt Rockwell differentials for trucks and equipment as well as a wide selection of salvage, used take-outs and new units direct. We can also supply all the parts you may need to rebuild or repair any Rockwell truck differential.

Quality Rebuilt Rockwell Differentials and Parts.

Professionally Rebuilt Rockwell Differentials and Parts.
From Gear and Transmission The Name Trusted Worldwide For The Highest Quality Drivetrain Units and Parts.

Rebuilt Rockwell differentials and Rockwell truck and equipment differentials are available for any application, both over-the-road and off-road off road. Rockwell offers the widest range of gear ratios available, 2.47 to 7.17. Off-highway and faster axle ratios for improved fuel economy. The new 2.47 ratio is the industry’s fastest axle ratio and is also the most efficient solution for vehicles with direct drive transmissions. Front Drive, Front Non-Drive, Rear Single, Rear Tandem, Rear Tridem and Hub Reduction. Rockwell axles are the most-commonly used in the industry.

Companies around the World rely on Gear and Transmissions heavy duty differential, Rockwell steer and drive axle department to provide them with outstanding service units, Rockwell product knowledge, excellent customer service and solutions that fit any budget.

1 Year Unlimited Mileage Worldwide Warranty.

Rebuilt Rockwell Differentials Come with a One Year Unlimited Mileage Worldwide Warranty.

  •     Experienced Rockwell differential, steer axle and drive axle technicians.
  •     Unparalleled Rockwell OEM quality parts.
  •     12-month warranty for all rebuilt Rockwell units.
  •     Fast, low cost delivery Worldwide.

We have a full line of Rockwell differentials, transfer cases, axles and parts in stock. Our distribution warehouses located across the USA are fully stocked with quality rebuilt, new and good used take-out Rockwell units as well as repair parts and accessories. Using genuine Rockwell® on and off-highway axle products ensures the same performance and reliability you’ve come to expect.

If you are anywhere in the USA and need immediate assistance give Gear and Transmission a call we have a location near you and can supply the Rockwell exchange differential or replacement parts you need fast, pickup or overnight delivery if needed.

We stock Rockwell differentials and Rockwell truck differentials including tandem drive axles, front steer axle and single axle Rockwell differentials. New, used and rebuilt differential axles ready to ship worldwide! We also stock the Rockwell differential parts you need to rebuild or repair any unit like: bearing kits, installation kits, ring & pinion gear sets, crown wheel and pinion, races, spider gears, power dividers, cases, seals & gasket kits great for any on highway or off highway application.

In addition to our inventory of rebuilt Rockwell exchange differentials, we also offer professional rebuilding services for all makes and models of truck differentials, transmissions, transfer cases and power take offs.

Contact us for more information on your model as well as free advice on service and repairs.

For Rebuilt Rockwell Differentials Call: 855 844-SALE - 855 844-7253

Call: 855 844-SALE – 855 844-7253 For Rebuilt Rockwell Differentials and Parts.

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